“Am I free or am I tied up?”

My dog snores.

– Animal by Miike Snow I am tired. I feel a heaviness all around me. It’s days like these that I wish I could be happy & grateful for all that I have. But it’s especially difficult today. I am scared of moving forward. I move into a new place tomorrow. And I am terrified. … Continue reading

“And It Feels Like I Am Just Too Close To Love You”

“And it feels like I am just too close to love you There’s nothing I can really say I can’t lie no more I can’t hide no more Got to be true to myself And it feels like I am just too close to love you So I’ll be on my way” -Too Close by … Continue reading

“Way Back On The Radio Dial, The Fire Got Lit Inside A Bright-Eyed Child”

“Some dreams stay with you forever, Drag you around but bring you back to where you were Some dreams keep on gettin’ better, Gotta keep believin’ if you wanna know for sure Oh, I can hear em playin’ I can hear the ringin’ of a beat up ol’ guitar Oh, I can hear em singin’, … Continue reading

“You Suppose Robots Would Enjoy Listening To Music?”

“You suppose robots would enjoy listening to music? You figure that if robots are electronic creations they’d enjoy listening to electronic music. You think you could create a scientific synthetic. It would not only send our metal friends but would also be fascinating to human ears. You already have, it’s on the other side of … Continue reading

“As a boy I had it figured out; There are things that you cant live without”

“As a boy I had it figured out There are things that you cant live without But money, it’s sad but true, would surely top that list And your rules your rules, well they would not be missed Well I became Whole again Cause no one said no one said no one said There’d be … Continue reading

“Let go, Life does get tough. No need to stress.”

“Where will you be for the revolution?” -REVOFEV by Kid Cudi Went shopping with my mother yesterday. We were looking for luggage that I can take on my trip to Italy. I’m really going to Italy. This is sinking in more and more each day :) #25days I can’t wait. I know it’s going to … Continue reading

“Well we all get strange. And we know it. But we’re cool with it”

“Well we all get strange And we know it But we’re cool with it And we all get a little bit older In this day and age But we deal with it Shaking with a fire burning deep inside Still the politicians they never listen Blood money was a sound I didn’t care to hear … Continue reading

“I don’t wanna work forever, I just wanna sleep forever”

“I just want to sleep forever Never see tomorrow Or lead or follow I don’t want to work forever Know what I know Or beg or borrow” – Sleep Forever by Portugal. The Man #np: Portugal. The Man, Anberlin No matter how far I run away, I can never get away from myself. It’s one … Continue reading

“Are you hiding secrets from me?”

“Is there more to this life that I can’t see? What will I find out over time? Waiting for the moment to arrive. Why are you lying there? What Are you hiding there? Hide away, why do you hide away from me? Hide yourself, why do you hide your face from me? I’m the only … Continue reading

“Oh could you tell me, Should I travel?”

Feelings of inadequacy are coming up. I feel like a little kid that can’t do anything right. Nothing makes me happy. Nothing’s wrong but Nothing’s not wrong. The bell jar is stifling. And it’s even more stifling when it comes back. I’ve dealt with this before. So it should be easier now? It’s just as … Continue reading