The Clarity a Cup of Coffee Brings

It’s really crazy  just how much can change in a year. I turned 22 last Friday. I feel like just last year, I was 20 and somehow skipped being 21. Years keep crawling on. Every year I get older, it seems unreal that I’m still living. I feel more grown up now. My priorities are … Continue reading

Living in the Land of People

It’s easy to get caught up in the details of your own particular situation. And it’s even easier to comment on another’s situation when you don’t have the whole story. Who ever has the whole story though? Do you even know the whole story of what situation you’re in? How do you view the facts … Continue reading

“You Suppose Robots Would Enjoy Listening To Music?”

“You suppose robots would enjoy listening to music? You figure that if robots are electronic creations they’d enjoy listening to electronic music. You think you could create a scientific synthetic. It would not only send our metal friends but would also be fascinating to human ears. You already have, it’s on the other side of … Continue reading

“As a boy I had it figured out; There are things that you cant live without”

“As a boy I had it figured out There are things that you cant live without But money, it’s sad but true, would surely top that list And your rules your rules, well they would not be missed Well I became Whole again Cause no one said no one said no one said There’d be … Continue reading

“Share with me the sun; You forget sometimes it’s yours”

“Share with me the sun You forget sometimes it’s yours Can’t you see you’re not the only one The doors all lead outside Feel it soak into your mind Can’t you see you’re not the only one” #np: Share With Me The Sun by Portugal. The Man N won’t text me back. And I lied … Continue reading

“Let go, Life does get tough. No need to stress.”

“Where will you be for the revolution?” -REVOFEV by Kid Cudi Went shopping with my mother yesterday. We were looking for luggage that I can take on my trip to Italy. I’m really going to Italy. This is sinking in more and more each day :) #25days I can’t wait. I know it’s going to … Continue reading

“Well we all get strange. And we know it. But we’re cool with it”

“Well we all get strange And we know it But we’re cool with it And we all get a little bit older In this day and age But we deal with it Shaking with a fire burning deep inside Still the politicians they never listen Blood money was a sound I didn’t care to hear … Continue reading

“I can feel a hot one taking me down”

“And you were holding on to make a point, What’s the point?” – I Can Feel A Hot One by Manchester Orchestra Such weird dreams last night. And I woke up this morning thinking about N. The more I thought about it, the more upset and angry I became. I’m gonna try to let this … Continue reading

“I don’t wanna work forever, I just wanna sleep forever”

“I just want to sleep forever Never see tomorrow Or lead or follow I don’t want to work forever Know what I know Or beg or borrow” – Sleep Forever by Portugal. The Man #np: Portugal. The Man, Anberlin No matter how far I run away, I can never get away from myself. It’s one … Continue reading

“Are you hiding secrets from me?”

“Is there more to this life that I can’t see? What will I find out over time? Waiting for the moment to arrive. Why are you lying there? What Are you hiding there? Hide away, why do you hide away from me? Hide yourself, why do you hide your face from me? I’m the only … Continue reading