Sweet like Cinnamon

It’s the beginning of the second week of school and I already have so much stuff to do. I have four assignments to shoot for our campus newspaper, along with five classes (2 are online), and work at H&M. I still don’t have a car and it takes forever to get everywhere I need to … Continue reading

play with your conscience

School begins again and everything feels new once more. Different classes, brand new now, will get old by the end of three and a half months. So much has happened since finals week last semester until now and it’s really how crazy how fast everything changes. I’ve been to LA and back. One of my … Continue reading

Hyped Up Expectations

Some days I absolutely love my life. And days like this, I wish I could be someone else. My mind thinks too much for me to even appreciate anything. Critical analysis is running at full speed. I just want it to stop. I’m thinking myself into ruts in my mind. It’s going nowhere but I … Continue reading

Floating In My Mind, August Dreams

Always thinking, always doing; these past few weeks have gone by too fast for my liking. I have been working and doing recruitment stuff for my sorority. Finally a little down time to get my thoughts together. I miss studying in Florence more than ever right now because it’s coming up to be a year … Continue reading