“Well we all get strange. And we know it. But we’re cool with it”

“Well we all get strange And we know it But we’re cool with it And we all get a little bit older In this day and age But we deal with it Shaking with a fire burning deep inside Still the politicians they never listen Blood money was a sound I didn’t care to hear … Continue reading

“This can’t be living now, if so then show me how”

“This can’t be living now If so then show me how We’ll shake, shake, shake The night away We shook, shook, shook The night away I want a love like this love was young But will I die as I become You’ll find it at the bottom of it all We got it all, we … Continue reading

You Might Lose Your Faith In Science…

“..But when I let you down, look past your doubt just please, don’t lose your faith in me.” #np: Taking Back Sunday, Anberlin, Portugal. The Man. I don’t even know what or how to think right now. Hung out with N last night until 4am. We didn’t talk about anything serious, just enjoyed each other’s … Continue reading

Who I’ll Never Be

Haven’t written in over a week here, yuck. I stayed at home until Friday last week. I dyed my hair dark brown. Bye bye blonde. It looks really good and I love it. Afterwards,  drove up to campus. Visited A at his new house. It’s really rad. My fb hiatus is over. So I have … Continue reading