“Am I free or am I tied up?”

My dog snores.

– Animal by Miike Snow I am tired. I feel a heaviness all around me. It’s days like these that I wish I could be happy & grateful for all that I have. But it’s especially difficult today. I am scared of moving forward. I move into a new place tomorrow. And I am terrified. … Continue reading

“You Suppose Robots Would Enjoy Listening To Music?”

“You suppose robots would enjoy listening to music? You figure that if robots are electronic creations they’d enjoy listening to electronic music. You think you could create a scientific synthetic. It would not only send our metal friends but would also be fascinating to human ears. You already have, it’s on the other side of … Continue reading

“The train is riding, down to the station where you lived…”

“When we were school kids” -My Body by Young the Giant #np: A Tribe Called Quest, Cults, Young the Giant, Mumford & Sons Officially declared my major yesterday. Then sat at a coffee shop for an hour, just to think. Went and saw the documentary for A Tribe Called Quest. They’re an amazing hip-hip/rap group … Continue reading

“Well we all get strange. And we know it. But we’re cool with it”

“Well we all get strange And we know it But we’re cool with it And we all get a little bit older In this day and age But we deal with it Shaking with a fire burning deep inside Still the politicians they never listen Blood money was a sound I didn’t care to hear … Continue reading

“I don’t wanna work forever, I just wanna sleep forever”

“I just want to sleep forever Never see tomorrow Or lead or follow I don’t want to work forever Know what I know Or beg or borrow” – Sleep Forever by Portugal. The Man #np: Portugal. The Man, Anberlin No matter how far I run away, I can never get away from myself. It’s one … Continue reading

You Might Lose Your Faith In Science…

“..But when I let you down, look past your doubt just please, don’t lose your faith in me.” #np: Taking Back Sunday, Anberlin, Portugal. The Man. I don’t even know what or how to think right now. Hung out with N last night until 4am. We didn’t talk about anything serious, just enjoyed each other’s … Continue reading

“It’s just me, killing time, with you”

It’s been two weeks since I’ve written. So much has happened And so much hasn’t You can skip this stuff and read The good stuff: EPIPHANY BELOW, if you want, some of this stuff is just recap of my life, not so interesting. But my epiphany is :) So, Friday, the 24th, N & I … Continue reading

Have Some Composure, Where Is Your Posture?

“You’re pulling the trigger, pulling the trigger all wrong Give me envy, Give me malice, Give me your attention” -Panic! At The Disco (Time To Dance) Brings a whole new meaning to “shotgun wedding” Listening to this song makes me want to re-read Invisible Monsters That book changed my life And I’m looking for more … Continue reading