always unfinished

awake at 2am and here i am, alone with my thoughts.
i never thought the first time i visited a mental health facility would be for someone other than me.
(perhaps i believe i am crazier than i truly am)
still… it was surreal being there for a friend
places like that, hospitals, that is, are completely sterile
your everyday environmental stimuli are taken away
everything is stripped down
freedom and control of your own life is completely gone
specific meal times and visiting hours
plus being around other people dealing with issues
it’s not a comfortable environment
i don’t understand how anyone could get better in such a place

it’s really opened my eyes to be grateful i can still change my life
although my friend only needs to stay for 3 days
and i suppose it’s good in her case to get her out of her own environment for a little while
it’s still such a shock though
i truly want her to get better
i feel bad that i can’t be there for her as much as i’d like

here’s to hoping for the best and accepting the universe’s reminders to be a better person
it’s so easy to get caught up in life’s little stresses
but what’s important is the love and support of family and friends in everything you do
don’t forget what truly matters in life



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