Let’s Dance All Night

I don’t know where this semester went. Where do any semesters go?
Time flies by faster each year, although days are still as long as ever.

Am I a better person after this semester?
Is my life more like what I want it to be?
Have I learned anything?

I really wish the answer to all of these was a definitive yes.
But the world doesn’t work in black and white when you’re learning to grow up.
It’s all a matter of the grey area between what’s right and wrong.

I feel like I’ve accomplished things, though.
So perhaps that’s an indication that things are going well.
I am a photographer for my campus paper now.
Of which, I don’t know how exactly that fits in my schedule, but somehow it does.

My wish for the last few weeks of the semester are to pass my classes.
This semester, it’s been really hard being motivated about my life.
It feels like my depression is trying to creep back in, but I can’t let it.
I don’t want to spiral downwards when there’s so much to be done.
It’s a lot of pressure keeping everything up, but I can’t let it all fall.

Since my car accident, I’ve learned to take things less seriously but be grateful more often.
Also, to make my life how I want it to be and not be so passive about it.
I’ve gotten my nose pierced, bought myself a new DSLR, and booked a trip to LA at the end of winter break.
I’ve become more spontaneous and have fun with my friends more.
I feel better about myself and my life.
I’m only interested in doing things that make me happy and make me a better person.

I am starting a fashion blog with one of my best friends and I’m really excited for it.
I’m trying to go more for my goals and my dreams.
I’ve learned it’s all about perseverance and believing in myself to make things happen.

I hope you have everything you need. Not just what you want, but the kinds of things your soul needs to breathe.


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