Hyped Up Expectations


Some days I absolutely love my life.
And days like this, I wish I could be someone else. My mind thinks too much for me to even appreciate anything. Critical analysis is running at full speed. I just want it to stop. I’m thinking myself into ruts in my mind. It’s going nowhere but I can’t stop.

And then I start thinking about how I want to live in Europe; Paris, really. It’s such a magical city. And traveling is so much fun. But then I realize that no matter where I go, I won’t ever be able to get away from myself.

I feel overwhelmed with my coursework, along with social obligations. I would love everything I’m supposed to do if I felt better about myself and my life. But I feel stuck. I need to get out of my head.

This post doesn’t really mean anything but it’s a chance for me to get out of my head for a bit to clear out my fogginess. I always seem to forget that happiness is a choice. I need to love myself more, expect a little less perfection and be less judgmental.

Wishing sunshine thoughts for you,


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