The Clarity a Cup of Coffee Brings

It’s really crazy  just how much can change in a year.
I turned 22 last Friday. I feel like just last year, I was 20 and somehow skipped being 21.
Years keep crawling on. Every year I get older, it seems unreal that I’m still living.
I feel more grown up now. My priorities are different than they were a month ago.
I am the oldest out of my age group now (the ones in college).
I have bigger things to worry about than classes and graduating, almost.
They’re important; classes, that is. But I need to start focusing on what’s going to happen after I graduate.
Basically, I need a full-time job. And my own apartment in the city.
(Whether that means Minneapolis, NYC, or San Francisco is yet to be seen).
I need to make things happen. Small steps to something larger.
Thoughts the other day led me to wonder, if I don’t start my own business right now, in college, when else will I have enough free time, motivation and less stress to focus on it? When I’m 30? I don’t think so.
If I want to have an empire in a little over 10 years, I need to start working on it now.
I don’t want to work for anyone else. Ever. I have seen my parents struggle under that system.
Those lies told to the older generations. I’m not falling for it.
And even if I do fail, which is almost inevitable, then that’s just more experience for the next time I try again.
I need to take risks and be persistent. It’s the only way.

I need to also revisit my goals and start working towards them.
Last month, September, I have been struggling with anxieties and worries.
I don’t have time for that anymore.
Confidence, assertiveness and passion are all that I care about right now.

Whoever reads this, I hope that you have the passion to go after your dreams and make them reality.
Take Better Care,


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