Floating In My Mind, August Dreams

Always thinking, always doing; these past few weeks have gone by too fast for my liking. I have been working and doing recruitment stuff for my sorority. Finally a little down time to get my thoughts together. I miss studying in Florence more than ever right now because it’s coming up to be a year since I left for Italia. I am starting my final year at my university, embarking on my final year to prepare for the “real world”. I have an open mind and am hoping for the best when next summer comes around. I have plans I need to begin acting on to make my dreams come true. I am becoming stronger everyday even though some days it doesn’t seem like it. I feel more capable today. Mostly because I’ve realized that the little things I’m afraid of is really just me holding myself back. I’m the only one standing in the way of my happiness and my dreams and I am fully committing myself to work towards them and be happy. I deserve a full, happy, adventurous life, as does everyone else. I love myself more today than I have in a while. There’s a peace of mind behind knowing that you’re fully capable and in control of your life and you don’t need others’ approval to live it your way. Your life has always been yours and when you forget that, you give your power away. It’s time to take it back and be proud of what you’ve accomplished by now, knowing you will do even more in the future. I love you all.

This morning, I did an exercise in detailing exactly where my fear and insecurity comes from and it was good to get it out. My fear and insecurity seem a lot bigger when it looms in my mind over everything I do. But I also wrote about trust that has really helped me too. I encourage you to try detailing what exactly you’re afraid of and when you write it down, you can see how silly that really seems.






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