Living in the Land of People

It’s easy to get caught up in the details of your own particular situation.
And it’s even easier to comment on another’s situation when you don’t have the whole story.
Who ever has the whole story though?
Do you even know the whole story of what situation you’re in?
How do you view the facts as opposed to what you think is right?
Everything’s an opinion.

Last night I meditated on why I’ve been feeling so frustrated, so unhappy, so vulnerable.
And it’s only because I’m scared of my dreams.
But what’s even more frightening is not going after them.
I realize that now.

I’ve been focusing a lot on what I don’t have.
And that only perpetuates the feelings of unhappiness and uneasiness.
I have forgotten to practice gratitude.

If you don’t like a situation, change it or change your perspective.

And I also realize I’ve been projecting my feelings of uneasiness about my dreams and my goals onto my parents.
They are loving and supportive.
I need to love and support them as they are as well.
Even though I’ve been frustrated with them my entire life, they are doing the best they can right now.
We all are. Even in the past, we were doing the best we could at that time.
The best thing that they’ve ever done for me is give me space to grow.
They don’t hover (too much). And they accept what I decide to do with my life.
I need to reflect that back to them.
Even if I don’t understand why they live the way they live, I can’t judge and pretend I know better.

The lessons I’ve needed to learn lately are patience and unconditional loving.
I need to be more patient in the situations I am in, with others and with myself.
I need to be more loving with all people in my life and with myself.

I feel lighter this morning as I realized all of this while drifting off to sleep.
Everything that is or will be is just that. Is.
It’s a perspective on a situation that creates tension or happiness.

Music I’ve been listening to lately:
Local Natives
Aesop Rock
Empire of the Sun



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