“Let’s Go Downtown and Watch the Modern Kids”

“Let’s go downtown and watch the modern kids
Let’s go downtown and talk to the modern kids
They will eat right out of your hand
Using great big words that they don’t understand”
– Rococo by Arcade Fire

I am still trying to learn how to balance my schedule and figure out how to do everything that I want and need to get done. Priorities, man.
It’s hard sometimes, though. I want to write more but work and school and my social life and working out take away time from that.
But I guess that’s how life goes, it just flows.
Yesterday at the rec, I ran for 16 minutes straight which is quite a big deal for me as I haven’t had the endurance for that before in my entire life.
Cheers to progress!

I think the lesson of today that I’d like to share with you kids is that:

Life is now. It doesn’t wait until you think you’re ready and when that time comes (if it ever does) it might be too late.

Also, when thinking about our dreams and our life goals, it’s easy to forget that life isn’t supposed to be easy.
It’s supposed to be challenging and difficult because when we step out of our comfort zone, that’s when we grow the most.
And that’s all we’re really expected to do while we’re here. Just experience and learn and become a better person.
When I was running this morning, I realized that we only get things or make things happen when we decide we want something bad enough.
When we are committed to making our dreams come true, or pursue a goal, anything is possible.
It just takes that first step of realizing it’s going to be hard and difficult and do it anyway. Because we’re all stronger than what we think we are.
For anything in life, we get what we put in to make it work. It’s sheer determination of will to get anything done.
Talent, money and all those other reasons why we don’t follow what we’re passionate about are just a bunch of bullshit excuses.
If we want a real life, a real adventure, we need to be open to risk everything. Open to making mistakes and being 100% comfortable and honest with ourselves.
And most of the time, when we face our fears, they’re a lot smaller than they seemed to be.
It’s all about perspective and how we respond to the events that happen in our lives.
We are always in control of our life because we choose our actions and reactions to the world around us.

So what are you really waiting for?



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