“This Right Here Will End Too Soon”

“Now I’ve reached my element, you’d better move over.”
– Katy On A Mission by Katy B

I feel terrible I haven’t updated in over a month!
It’s been quite the adventure settling into Florence, though.
I arrived here August 30th and it’s been amazing ever since.
It’s truly changing my perspective on everything I ever thought I knew.
Turning my world inside out and showing me the things that really matter.

Italy is amazing. I am so lucky to be studying in Florence for a few months.
It’s already been 3 weeks and it’s been flying by so fast.
I truly love being here. I consider it one of my homes.
Call it cliche, but to me, there isn’t just one place I call home.
I consider myself a nomad of the world.
The entire world is my home, and each city I live in, leaves its mark on me and I on it.
Any city that I live in and fall in love with and am absolutely comfortable with is one of my homes.
So when I go back to my other home, I’ll consider this home as well.

I have 3 hour classes for one course each week. (And my Italian class is twice a week, two hours each).
Mondays – Photography 2-5pm
Tuesdays – Art History 9am-Noon & Italian 1:30-3:30pm
Wednesdays – Drawing 9:30-Noon thirty
Thursdays- Italian 2:30-4:30pm
Fridays we have off and are usually for day trips and part of our weekend traveling :)

The atmosphere in Florence is so much more relaxed than in US cities.
People here go to work anywhere between 7 and 9am, but most people walk.
They have coffee at the bar standing up and usually takes less than 10 minutes to have either your espresso (just a shot), a cappuccino or a caffe latte. Croissants and other pasteries or cake type items are usually for breakfast.
Lunch is spread out over a few hours and is the biggest meal of the day.
Most stores are closed over lunch, while all restaurants are open.
People go out to appetizers and drinks from 6-8pm.
Dinner is from 7 or 8 to 9 or 10.

I share an apartment with 3 other girls. We usually get coffee before morning classes & have a panino or something else for lunch. We usually make dinner from between 7 & 8 and takes about an hour to cook. We sit and talk for an hour or two afterwards as well. I’ve been going to bed at midnight and getting up at about 7 or 8 most days. Which is weird for me because I usually go to bed earlier.

Last weekend, we went to Rome which was absolutely amazing, but completely overwhelming. I’d say that’s an entirely new post altogether, haha.

Anyways, things are good here. I’m not worried about how things are going back home.
I feel so much freer here. More relaxed.
I like the relaxed way of life here. And also how everyone dresses.
The dress code here is business casual or more formal everyday.
Every man I see here is wearing a suit or at the very least, a button up and nice pants.
The women here wear dresses and blouses.
The fashion here is amazing and the shopping too.
The clothes are much better quality here than in the US.

My soul feels at peace here, not caught up in routine & hectic-ness like it is at home.
It’s a wonderful change and I’m truly happy to be here for this semester.
I don’t think I could ever truly describe how wonderful it is to be here.
Words can’t do this place justice.
There’s truly no other place like Florence.

I’m surrounded by art and beauty all day long and that’s the only thing a girl like me could ever ask for.



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