“As a boy I had it figured out; There are things that you cant live without”

“As a boy I had it figured out
There are things that you cant live without
But money, it’s sad but true, would surely top that list
And your rules your rules, well they would not be missed
Well I became
Whole again
Cause no one said no one said no one said
There’d be times like these

I said, all your light can’t save me
All your light, all your light can’t save me
I won’t wait though my time may come
I can’t wait, i can’t wait
My time may come”
#np: #All Your Light xx #Portugal. The Man

N texted me today. Kind of out of the blue.
Saying the reason he wasn’t responding to my texts was because Google kept crashing it.
Which is probably true.
I’ve had that happen to me before.
Hell, I had to get my phone replaced because of it.
But, it’s too late.
I kind of ended the conversation prematurely.
I just don’t want to talk.
I think we’d be better friends. But that doesn’t mean I want to be friends right now.

Had to come home today to mail off a book.
It’s amazing how both of my parents and my brother, M couldn’t figure out how to fix the printer.
I got it to work in ten minutes.
1/2 hour of driving just to fix a damn printer #wasteofmytime

I’m an impatient person and the one thing that peeves me more than anything;
When people waste my time.
I can’t stand it.

#CountdownToItaly #21days
I still need to find luggage, book a hotel for the first night I’m there, make copies of important documents and file for power of attorney.
So much I don’t want to do.
But, I suppose it’ll be worth it in the end.

Today’s been a lazy day.
Watched a movie with my dad tonight.
Which was nice.
And I work tomorrow for a few hours.

My mind’s slipping away & I need sleep once again.
I haven’t been sleeping well at all.
Weird, bizarre dreams and me waking up every few hours.
It’s quite annoying, is all.
I just want a decent night of sleep.



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