“Well we all get strange. And we know it. But we’re cool with it”

“Well we all get strange
And we know it
But we’re cool with it
And we all get a little bit older
In this day and age
But we deal with it

Shaking with a fire burning deep inside
Still the politicians they never listen
Blood money was a sound
I didn’t care to hear
Of which the politicians they only listen

I became a child of the universe
Reborn into this galactic prism…”
#np: Head Is A Flame (Cool With It) by Portugal. The Man

Srsly, In The Mountain, In The Cloud is an amazing (!) album by Portugal. The Man.
I can’t get enough of it. Sooo good!

Anyways, days drag on.
And I’m spinning in circles,
Not knowing what the hell to do with myself anymore.

I don’t know what is up.
Do I exist?
Am I here?

Just wasting days waiting for Italy?
Waiting games make me more impatient than I already am.
I hate waiting.
I want it now.
Instant gratification? YES PLEASE.
Don’t you realize I’m a child of this modern day and age universe?
I know you hear me.
I want things to happen now.
I’ve been super boring lately.
I want to hang out with interesting people, do interesting things!
I want a life! Magic! Love! Etcetera etcetera.
I don’t want a lot, just a life more about me?
No, just a life more interesting.

Why am I awake at 12:49am??
Makes no sense. But when you don’t think about it, it does.

I’m worried about everything.
But worry is useless and I need to let it go.

Things I need to do:
-sell textbooks
-perkins stuff
-find a dslr
-register for classes
-declare major
-watch tiffany’s
-read library books
-bike rides
-learn italian
-review french
-sell clothes

and other things i want to do.
but sometimes it seems pointless.
all this running around
and to accomplish what?
I need more action, less thinking
more doing and being
but I don’t know how to be awesome
my social life is lacking
I don’t feel like a whole person
just a brain that thinks all the time
I don’t know how to be better friends with people
I can barely take care of myself

I need clarity.
I need love.
My brain keeps getting me in ruts and I can’t think my way out!
I feel like I’m suffocating myself.
Brain, leave me alone!
I’m so over this.

positivity & success, please come to me.
but whatever I want to be, I have to be now.
I have to think I already am positive & successful.

“the moment you step towards your goals is the moment you become successful”

I need sleep.
Let’s rock tomorrow :)



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