“Don’t let your enemies become friends”

Just a quick update.
I don’t even know where to begin.
Finished reading “Add more -ing to your life”.
Really great book.

I definitely realize now that I manifest what I have in my life.
I need to let go of my ego and choose love over fear.

Tomorrow, (or later today) I’m going to finally make a vision board.
I’m going to create a new blog for all of my inspirations and writings.

I want to live a life that I want.
I want to feel alive. Like I deserve to live.
I want to believe in myself and achieve.
The only person in my way is myself.

I want to write every morning.
I want to fall in love with life again.
Fall in love with myself again.

I am starting a tw0 week fast.
Decided that I would begin counting at 11pm tuesday 19 july.
So it’s been 2 hours so far.
I’ve been drinking more water so I can detox everything.

I want a better social life.
I want to have a better relationship with people.
I want to meet new people and to become better friends with people I know.
I want to have a better relationship with money.
(I need to face some false beliefs about money and wealth).
I want to be healthier (eating and exercise).
I want to move more, stretch more, feel more in my body.
I want to have more love, light and happiness in my life.
I want to bring more love, light and happiness to others’ life.
I want to use my creativity constructively and to let it flow through me.
I want to have a healthy romantic relationship.
I want to trust myself again. Truly love myself.
I want to like myself.

I have decided that I am getting my lip pierced August 28th.
The day before I leave on a plane for Italy.
I am also going to dye my hair chocolate brown.
I’m excited for this.
I want to use this time before I leave for Italy to manifest a better life, a better state of mind so I’ll be able to have a better time in Italy and truly learn about myself more.
I want to manifest thoughts and feelings that will open me up to new experiences while I’m abroad.

I have unconsciously manifested ugly on myself because I don’t believe I’m worthy of being beautiful.
And at perkins, they don’t see me as having the potential for a server because I don’t believe I can be one. (I’m afraid of it right now because I don’t think I’d do a good job). I need to believe it to earn it.

Tomorrow, I will:
-√ Create a vision board Finished 2 at 5:30pm
Continue my fast Broke my fast at 1pm
– Reflect on my life and decide everything I need to change
– Meditate
– Move my body

This week, I will:
– Continue my fast
– Reflect on my life and decide everything I need to change
– Meditate
– Move my body
– Watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s
– Write up a blog post for TrendyClassics
– Clean my room
– Memorize Perkins’ menu
– Start flowing financially
– Be creative
– Bake



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