You are the lady that I love; You are the woman that I adore…

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The Wugazi Project
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Farewell Milwaukee

Yesterday, hung out/chilled/read blogs until about 2pm, then went to Target to pick up my film
All of my photos turned out awesome!
I’m gonna have to post them soon :)
Went to the mall and found an amazing pair of periwinkle shorts for 9.99 :)
And black glitter shoes, pair of flippy floppies and an amazing peacock tote from Express :)
Such a good day, and I don’t think I spent that much because everything was on sale.
I’ve been trying to figure out a name for a new lifestyle blog I want to start.
I have ideas and ideas but nothing is THE ONE yet.
You know what I mean. It has to be perfect.

I got some crystal light the other day but it has caffeine in it and has been screwing up my stomach & my sleep schedule lately because I haven’t had caffeine/coffee in two months!
So weird, but I’m gonna have to stop drinking it.
Also, I had a coffee from Dunn Bros today and it wasn’t even good at all.
My stomach hates me for it.
Last night though, I didn’t sleep well at all!
Didn’t get to sleep until about midnight and I woke up like every hour after that :/
Partially because N texted at like 1:30 and woke me up and I couldn’t really fall asleep after that.
Finally at about 9/10am I fell back into a deep sleep, had weird dreams and slept until 2:30/3pm
YUCK. What a waste of a day!
So I got up, took a shower, got ready to go and finally left about 5pm to go to the library.
Got Diana Vreeland’s biography, D.V. (which is absolutely amazing so far!)
I biked to Loring Park to bike around for a bit and found a picnic table to sit and read my book at.
Took some photographs, read a few chapters, and got some sun :)
After that, went to Dunn Bros to get a coffee, and I walked around the block for some more sunshine & exercise.
Also because I can’t drink coffee and ride my bike at the same time.
I took lots of photographs of the buildings, as there are many apartments over by Loring Park.
A lot of theme seem old and those kind of buildings are my favorite!
Got lots of great shots :)
I hung out outside Dunn Bros to read some more of my book before I went back to campus.
A guy tied his dog up to the railing near me, so I watched him while he was getting coffee.
Who names their dog ‘Bacon’ though? Kinda weird.
I asked the guy what his favorite word was and he said it was arbitrary and hazmat.
He asked me what I was reading and then told me about Harper’s Bazaar’s political comics from the 1890’s and how I should try to look them up.
Sounds pretty interesting, I’ll have to try not to forget about it.
I also called my mother to talk for a little bit and tomorrow I’m going home to bake banana bread with her :) Should be fun. Especially because banana bread is my favorite!
Overall, it’s been a good day!
I still need to figure out a name for my new blog… It’s so tough to find the right name for it.

Also, talked to N last night about some of the things that I had realized and he’s going to sonshine this week so I can’t even talk to him face to face until next week :/ But we talked a little about our trust issues, he said that every girl he’s been with has cheated on him, etc etc, which I already knew, but I realized that he’s still pretty hurt by what I did, or so it seems because he barely talks to me.
But I think I kind of got through to him and hopefully next week he’ll actually make time to hang out and talk like he always says we will.
One can only wait and see. I’m trying to be patient here. (Which is really freaking difficult!)
I really hope that he just doesn’t give up on me, on us. I want everything to work out.
But, no matter the outcome, everything will happen for a reason in the right way and I just have to trust the universe on this matter as well.

Hey universe, while you’re at it, wanna help me figure out a name for my blog? Kthnxbai.

Listening to Our Mountain and Farewell Milwaukee makes me want to learn the guitar and write songs.
Anyways, I think that’s it.
I’m still awake and it’s probably bc of the coffee I had :/
Also, I want a pretty white crystal pendant necklace to symbolize purity and clarity.
Maybe that’ll help with keeping me sane ;)

xoxo Rococo


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