“I don’t wanna work forever, I just wanna sleep forever”

“I just want to sleep forever Never see tomorrow Or lead or follow I don’t want to work forever Know what I know Or beg or borrow” – Sleep Forever by Portugal. The Man #np: Portugal. The Man, Anberlin No matter how far I run away, I can never get away from myself. It’s one … Continue reading

“Are you hiding secrets from me?”

“Is there more to this life that I can’t see? What will I find out over time? Waiting for the moment to arrive. Why are you lying there? What Are you hiding there? Hide away, why do you hide away from me? Hide yourself, why do you hide your face from me? I’m the only … Continue reading

You Might Lose Your Faith In Science…

“..But when I let you down, look past your doubt just please, don’t lose your faith in me.” #np: Taking Back Sunday, Anberlin, Portugal. The Man. I don’t even know what or how to think right now. Hung out with N last night until 4am. We didn’t talk about anything serious, just enjoyed each other’s … Continue reading

Who I’ll Never Be

Haven’t written in over a week here, yuck. I stayed at home until Friday last week. I dyed my hair dark brown. Bye bye blonde. It looks really good and I love it. Afterwards,  drove up to campus. Visited A at his new house. It’s really rad. My fb hiatus is over. So I have … Continue reading

“Don’t let your enemies become friends”

Just a quick update. I don’t even know where to begin. Finished reading “Add more -ing to your life”. Really great book. I definitely realize now that I manifest what I have in my life. I need to let go of my ego and choose love over fear. Tomorrow, (or later today) I’m going to … Continue reading

I’m lost and hardly noticed, slight goodbye

“I want to rip your lips off in my mouth And even in my greatest moment doubt The line between deceit and right now Simple math It’s how our bodies even got here Sinful math The ebb and flow to multiply” – Simple Math by Manchester Orchestra #np: manchester orchestra (I can feel a hot … Continue reading

“A white blank page; and a swelling rage”

Sometimes I wonder about if my other blogs become popular that people I know might find this blog.. I don’t mind strangers reading about all of this, but there’s a reason why I blog under a different name. I don’t know. Anyways, I tried sleeping; didn’t really work. But I am in a better mood … Continue reading

“Oh could you tell me, Should I travel?”

Feelings of inadequacy are coming up. I feel like a little kid that can’t do anything right. Nothing makes me happy. Nothing’s wrong but Nothing’s not wrong. The bell jar is stifling. And it’s even more stifling when it comes back. I’ve dealt with this before. So it should be easier now? It’s just as … Continue reading

“But, we know, that’s not how our song goes”

I’ve always been different. Always have felt differently. I’m an outsider to what these social normalties are. I’ve never really felt like I’ve fit in anywhere. I’m just me, trying to do my thing. I know my priorities are different from others, especially my peers. Whereas they want to party and drink on the weekends, … Continue reading

“Oh, oh, oh, honey I need you round, I know, I know”

“uhmm… follow your dreams.. yeah! -The Spins by Mac Miller Went home Wednesday morning and hung out with my mother that day. We baked banana bread & whole wheat bread & it was really chill. Went to donate some clothes, bought some books, had our hair styled by John Frieda stylists on their tour and … Continue reading