Cause They’re Calling, Calling, Calling me home

Sometimes I wish I didn’t think so much, haha
N and I are fine
Great, actually; we’re going to see a movie tomorrow :)
I’m really excited
It’s really crazy how things work out
I have the utmost faith in the universe
And it’s really amazing how it never lets me down
I understand that even though I may not get what I want all the time,
It always gives me what I need
Which, in most cases, is infinitely better than anything I could’ve planned out
I am just radiate with Love for the universe right now :)

Tuesday, my orientation went well
I read Imperial Bedrooms that day
Got into a weird sort of mood after that
Went to hang out with some friends for a birthday
Wednesday, I watched the Devil Wears Prada
Went for a bike ride and tried to go to a free movie screening,
but ended up going shopping instead

Today, I had lunch with my mother and grandmother
Went shopping for a bit
Baked cute cupcakes at home :)
Dinner & then took the dog for a walk
It was a wonderful day

And N asked me to go to a movie tomorrow
So that’s good too :)

Tomorrow’s to do list:
-Exercise (Bike/Run)
-Visit library
-Work on BIS plan
-BIS appt (3-4pm)
-Movie w/N (6pm)

I love my life and I know I need to work hard to make my dreams come true
“You love the people that love you
You hear the music that they move to
You give your all to the fall through
But you don’t know you don’t know you don’t know you don’t know… you”

I start work Saturday 10-2 (& Sunday same shift as well)

Thinking thoughts are lost in my head
I am not in a creative writing mood at all right now :(
Unfortunately, because I kind of do want to write
But there’s no inspiration
I’m too tired, too weighed down
I can only focus on everything I need to get done

Dreams are… unusual. bizarre.
A cat bit me? And I was running away from what?
Skateboards thrown at drivers?
I don’t understand
I feel like my subconscious just fucks with me when I’m asleep
It’s funny to just run a muck.
I wish I could get it under control.

I don’t know anymore.
LOVE.. ?

“We never were…
We’ll never be…

But we know,
That’s not how our song goes

Be kind when you rewind
The story of the two of us”


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