You Love the People Who Love You

And then comes the day when he doesn’t text back
He’s busy; it’s not you
All lies; you know this game
Cause you play it well
It just hurts when you’re the one it’s turned against
But you handle it like you do
And you know it isn’t the end
Just pack up, move on
Realize what you already know
It’s hard to trust people
And when they get that inch
The knife slices faster than you could expect
Pack up, move on
New city, new you
Determined not to get hurt again
No trust except for yourself
Until the next patient one comes along
And leaves all the same
Pack up, move on, it’s all the same now

It’s been almost a week
Not much has happened
Uncle came in for a surprise visit Wednesday
Hung out with N Thursday night
Drove around, watched a movie, hung out some more
Went back to the cities
It was going too well
I wish I didn’t text him Happy Birthday
I feel like an idiot
I need a life, haha
Got callback from Perkins Friday
(had my orientation today)
Went on a bike ride to Cedar Lake;
It’s my absolute favorite
Saturday didn’t do much
Slept mostly
Sunday – Stone Arch Festival w/ my dad & brother
Went to the library to print my visa form for Italy
Monday sent in my passport for my italian visa
Ate too much, freaked out, slept,
Had dreams that even my head doesn’t understand :/
Went on a bike ride
Hung out with K & watched Gossip Girl
Today, went to West End Shops w/R
Was fun to look, but I hate shopping when I don’t have money to spend
Needless to say, I’m really glad I have a job again
N hasn’t texted back since Sunday
This doesn’t make me happy
But well, what else do I expect?
I need a new life
This is just a recap
But you should know,
My dreams are after me
They make me crazier than anything
Eating me from the inside out
Mind never works how you want it to

Magic, please?


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