We are a hurricane & you’ll dance to anything;

It was always you.. Falling for me
Now there’s always time.. Calling for me
-Panic at the Disco (Always)

Partied a little last night
My boy came and hung out.
It was fun.
Started at a friend’s apartment and then met up at a party later
I’m really glad I got to hang out with him.
Even though he did bring a string-along.
Sometimes I wonder why he likes me,
because he’s really good looking and fit,
(Which I’m not, sadly) but I don’t know,
I guess there are differences that even us out
But I might get to hang out with him tonight, so I’m happy about that

“Oh memories, where’d you go?
You’re all I’ve ever known
How I miss yesterday
And how I let it fade away.”
-Panic at the Disco (Memories)

I don’t think I ate too much yesterday, which I’m happy about
I probably won’t eat anything today, unless I eat a lot when I go home
Which I need to resist the urge
I think it’ll be nice to go home for a bit just as a reminder
for what I need to work harder to get away from/escape from/avoid
That’s one thing my boy and I have in common,
the fact that we both want/need to run away from our hometown
I think it’s cute.

My interview went well at Perkins yesterday :)
I’m probably going to be hired as a hostess, but they want me to be a server, which is nice
I feel like I’ll fit in there. And being busy working, earning money, and being on my feet all day will be wonderful
+ money, -boredom, – weight = all good :) :)
I feel like things are working out again
Which is a lot better than my bottomless pit of despair I’ve been crawling around in for a few months
I trust the universe deeply and completely and it’s nice to see how the world wants me to work things out.

I don’t think I need to major in business & marketing anymore, but perhaps I’ll take a few classes on the side
I think I need to do something with art, like photography. And I think my art classes in Italy will help with that.
And then I can do Journalism and English or Fashion Studies. I still don’t know.
I wish I knew what to do. But I can only piece things together and hope they fit.

Yesterday, I was doubting if I wanted to stay at University and stay in my sorority.
But, I got to hang out with a bunch of girls in my sorority last night and it was really nice.
I just wish I could be better friends with them. I always feel like I’m not good enough around them, but
I think I just need to try harder to hang out and be friendly and stuff.
I hope things will work out with them.

Really have the urge to write and I wish I could play the guitar and be a DJ.
I love music so much; I wish I could be good at it.

What do you LOVE about your life?
I love the fact that the things I don’t expect eventually work out.

I want to dye my hair platinum blonde and pink, get a lip ring (get mine back), and get tattoos.
I want a new wardrobe, a new body, and a new name.
Oh, how I need  moneys to become a new me.


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