with time comes clarity… what’s it all about?

sifting through the mess that is my life.

finally decided: business & marketing, journalism (new media studies), english(this could change to french) and a minor in fashion studies

but, for now, I have more hope for the future.
everything’s at my feet and i just have to pick what to do first.
N is probably (hopefully) coming to hang out on friday.
I can’t wait:)
Nothing happened at Wep with M. Idk what we are, probably just nothing.
I don’t want to let him go yet, though? A little conflicted about it..

Still no job, applied for more. I need a job to gain “experience” and to earn some moneys.
I just need to save up for Italy. and college, you know, cause it’s expensive.

Wep was amazingly fun.
A little tamer than the stories I’ve heard, but it was still good.
It was nice to get away for a weekend.
All stress and worries floated away for a while.
I want another get away. It was so nice and relaxing.
We went up to grand marais and the lake was beautiful and calming.

Went running yesterday, and laid out and got sunburnt.
Oh, the lazy days of summer.
Movies and reading too, oh joy :)
i’m listening to the people’s key by bright eyes right now.
such an amazing album. it’s absolute perfection.
makes me want to listen to eyedea & abilities.

Did I mention it’s 8am… and I woke up an hour ago.
Idk why but I’m here.
You’re here? We’re all here?
What’s here anyways?

New blog/website/online magazine soon?
I want to start an online magazine.
It sounds like fun and would be amazing to get my name out there.
It’ll be my little baby.
I want to have a vegan bakery/restaurant.
I just need moneys for it.
I was telling my roommate everything I want to get done in life
and how I like so many things and want to do everything that it’s hard to pick something
to do right now. And therein lies my problem with my indecisiveness.. I love everything, haha

“i just want to make pretty shit.”

Thoughts about the name: Elise Serena Ryland ?
I really think it’s the one this time.
Let’s hope I’m right!
Here’s to the future and I’m onto the next big project.
I love life.
And you as well.

“If I could change my mind, change the paradigm.
Prepare myself for another life.”

How are you changing your life today?

Remember, Love is always the answer


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