Wanderlusty of My Mind

Things are changing lately. Changing a lot.
I live on campus, moved in on Sunday.
I feel like I keep screwing up my life.
Quit my job that I should’ve kept.
But at the time, I didn’t like it.
I felt like I was selling my soul.
And so now, I am unemployed and broke.
It’s really stressing me out.
But, I’m okay, for now.
I have faith that things will work out :)

I just need things to occupy my time.
Need to figure out a lot of things:
-My purpose in life
-My major
-What the hell I want to do with my life
-Who I want in my life
-Who I want to be

Another note, I’ve been exercising a lot lately.
I’m trying to lose weight, but it seems like I eat too much :/
I don’t have a scale and I don’t know how much I weigh
But, my body doesn’t seem any smaller yet
WEP is next weekend and I wanted to be skinnier for that
But my goal is to be down to 115-120 by the end of summer, when I leave for Italy.
I’m really excited to study abroad next semester.

I’ve been listening to Lissie & Ellie Goulding and they have the most amazing voices.
It’s been a slow start to summer so far, but it’s nice and relaxing.
Last semester didn’t go so well for me grades-wise, but it’s because I feel no connection towards school and homework. I really didn’t care about my classes. I’m hoping that my time in Italy will help me figure things out. I don’t know what I want to do because I want to do so much.

I need time to think and figure things out.


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