Nothing’s ever a pipe dream…

Listening to music. Procrastinating homework.
Thinking about how everything happens for a reason.
I need a change. I need something new.
I CRAVE the cutting edge.
I’m sick of university, sick of MN.
I’m ready to leave. I have to. Need to.
Some things fall apart so better things can fall together.

3 weeks left of school, 13 days.
Then it’s summer & I’m living at dx,
Working at heartbreaker,
Living the dream :)

I need to go abroad in the fall.
And travel the world.
Things are so much bigger than here.
I need the epicness to satisfy my craving for the next big thing.

I don’t think there’s anything I could do to bring me down from dreaming anymore.
Nothing’s ever as good as it could get.

Just plain honesty.
I miss me. And how I used to be.
I just wanna be free.

The distortion of my mind is gone.
And oh how I wish I wasn’t so “normal” after all.
Please let this all be a dream.
For the weary sailors.

A new beginning is all I want.
Fresh, clean, pure.
Distractions only go so far,
It’s addiction that I need,
but what I’m addicted to needs me more.


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