I wish I believed

Say what you mean
Tell me I’m right

I swear the suburbs drag my soul out of me.
It’s almost like I never existed.
Lazy days grow long, like summer but without intentions.
This break has gone on too long.
I’m ready to go back to the city, where the world exists.
Maybe some of my personality and motivation will meet up with me there.
But for now, I guess I’ll enjoy the night.
For tomorrow, life starts again.
Fast winding motion, like a carnival ride.
Eager to get on, but scared for dear life.
Maybe it’s time I start writing again.
Or cleaning out my room.
I crave minimalism and intention.
I’m sick of my addictions and I just want to be free.
To love and create a better, more magical world.
I can’t wait to live by the ocean.
These suburbs aren’t home anymore.
I crave excitement and fear.
Something to know I’m alive.
Something to know I still exist.
Something to know there’s more out there.

xoxo Rococo (Holloway Smith)


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