Yeah? WHAAAt?

Ready for today to be over. The week. The month. School. I hate it here. I’m not doing anything with my life. Advisors don’t know anything. No one does. So just let me be. Keep Calm & Omicron. This week will be fun. Can’t wait! I just wish hw didn’t exist. Pointless. I need a … Continue reading

It’s finally… spring?

It’s the first day of spring tomorrow, or today in five minutes. The transition period between the cold, harsh winter and the loving sunshine. It’s a time for rebirth, renewal and regrowth. Shed old skin, old ideas, old, stale states and grow into something better. The snow is still on the ground which is why … Continue reading

I wish I believed

Say what you mean Tell me I’m right I swear the suburbs drag my soul out of me. It’s almost like I never existed. Lazy days grow long, like summer but without intentions. This break has gone on too long. I’m ready to go back to the city, where the world exists. Maybe some of … Continue reading